Giveaway Combat Application Tourniquet

I know.  I'm the eternal Girl Scout.  I like to keep first aid kits on hand and I want the objects in the kit to be in excellent shape.  It should include Neosporin, band-aids, alcohol swabs, a CPR chart and why not throw in a tourniquet?  Yes, it makes sense.  Granted, you wouldn't in your heart of hearts want to use it.  But, if you needed it, it would be good to have.  Otherwise, you might be trying to pull a strand or two off of your t-shirt. 

Giveaway Combat Application Tourniquet
Giveaway Combat Application Tourniquet
When I began looking at this tourniquet, I couldn't figure it out.  What goes where?  How does this work?  Then, I realized that I was over-thinking it.  If you needed it in an instant, you surely would not hesitate to pull it out of its container (right now, that's the plastic bag that it came in), place the appropriate limb into the loop, pull it as taught as you can, dig up a writing instrument to record time on the white, "TIME:" label and use the windlass to tighten it up even more.

Three Critical Items:
  • Use the tourniquet only when it necessary to save a life.
  • Use the windlass to increase pressure to stop bleeding.
  • After you apply the tourniquet do never take it off only a physician can do so.

I tested it on my wrist and was impressed with the ultra long velcro band.  This would be good if your "patient" were of considerable size and needed the band placed on a robust thigh.  Granted, I've never seen a tourniquet in person before. Ever.  But, in a bad situation, I would do my best to help one that needed it.

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