Feathered Catnip Toy: Southern Chic Edition

The previous mice toys that I have secured for Sparkles, she has loved.  The boy (Snoe) is older and doesn't generally care for toys.  But, Sparkles, she carries them around in her mouth as though the mouse were an important file and the one that was assigned for her to work.  They're important! 


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Feathered Catnip Toy: Southern Chic Edition
Feathered Catnip Toy: Southern Chic Edition
Hence, I requested this product for the girl.  But, when I received them (there are 2 per package), I couldn't help but notice how much larger these two were than the ones that I'd purchased in the past.  I would soon know that it didn't matter how big they were.  She loved them.

She was, in fact, trying to get to them before I had even unwrapped them.  It was terribly cute!  She is tossing one of them about, as of this writing.

Do your cats a favor, order up some of these feather-tailed paisley meece.  These Feathered Catnip Toy lists for $12.95.  But, it sells for $7.95.  Your cat(s) will thank you.  Mine did.

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