Craft Beer Menu Monday: Starr Hill Brewery

Starr Hill Brewery has grown so much since we began writing about them.  They are continually introducing new beers and IPAs, hosting cookouts, tastings, parties and festivals.  In fact, they recently (September) celebrated their sixteenth anniversary with the introduction of the Hopfetti Triple IPA, which we have had the privilege of trying. 

We were also privileged to try Boxcarr Pumpkin Porter, which is an October seasonal.  We've been wanting to try a pumpkin beer and have finally gotten our chance!  Yes.
Craft Beer Menu Monday: Starr Hill Brewery

  • (1) Pint of Hopfetti Triple IPA (24 Proof)
  • (2) 12 Fl Oz Boxcarr Pumpkin Porter (10 Proof)

Hopfetti Triple IPA

This IPA is golden, honey in hue and is a limited release, in celebration of 16 years in the brewery business.  It was created by Starr Hill's brewmaster, Robbie O’Cain.  It sports way more hops than any of the other Starr Hill creations and features six different hops to include Amarillo, Apollo, Centennial, Equinox, Sorachi Ace and Triskel.  It should be consumed in a snifter.

The Hopfetti Triple IPA has a sweet, yet bold nose with a taste to match.  That's weird for us.  Normally, we always find something in the taste which wasn't present in the nose.  It pairs with party foods, as it was created for a celebration.  Fancy blue cheese also pairs well.  We never pair an alcoholic beverage for taste test purposes.  But, we like to add that information, nonetheless.

Starr Hill Brewery likes a bold brew and so do we.

Boxcarr Pumpkin Porter

This dark brown concoction of joy is seasonal, which is made available in the middle of August, through to October.  It pairs well classic cornbread and a sausage and apple stuffing, gruyere and Pumpkin Chiffon Pie.  The nose is uniquely incredible.  There's something deep, rich and satisfying about it.  The taste is best described as having a sweet, very slightly spicy, malty flavor, which is delightful.  We could seriously have too many of these if we were not careful.

Please, feel free to employ Starr Hill Brewery's Beer Finder.

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