Craft Beer Menu Monday: Bear Republic Brewing Co

As of this month, Bear Republic Brewing announces that they are bringing back the seasonal, multiple award-winning Racer X Double IPA.  Racer X is the big brother of Racer 5, with its bold, rich flavor and its smooth malty foundation.  It is also one of Bear Republic Brewing's most favored offering and is very limited. 
Craft Beer Menu Monday: Bear Republic Brewing Co
Craft Beer Menu Monday: Bear Republic Brewing Co


(1) 22 Fl Oz of Racer X Double IPA (16 Proof)

The beer community has given Racer X amazing praise over the years. With a rating of 100 on, a 95 on, and a 4-star rating on Untappd, the Racer X recipe was originally created over twelve years ago by Brewmaster/COO, Richard "Ricardo" Norgrove, and has been released annually since, with limited availability nationwide.

Racer X pairs well with most meats, spicy foods and bold, aged and hard cheeses.  It is available at the Bear Republic brewpub in Healdsburg and other places.  Please, have a look at the Bear Tracking link below to find your next bottle.

About Bear Republic:

Bear Republic Brewing Company is a family-owned and team-oriented California craft beer company which began with the simple act of brewing beer at home.  This was the enzymatic act which began it all.  The people wanted excellence.  They wanted quality.  They wanted to drink a good beer.
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