Car Seat Travel Bag

This item is resistant to water, durable and big!  When I first agreed to review the Car Seat Travel Bag, I couldn't figure out its purpose.  It is comprised of a very durable looking nylon, has a string tie at the top, a sturdy carrying strap and a smaller, attached strap. 

Car Seat Travel Bag
Car Seat Travel Bag
Once I received the item and looked at the images, I realized that this carrier was/is designed to carry your car seat when you travel via plane or train.  I've never seen such a product.  But, it certainly merits some attention.

Rather than shell out an additional hundred bucks, upon reaching your destination, it makes more sense to carry your existing car seat with you and the Car Seat Travel Bag makes this an easier task than trying to get it there without it!  Simply remove your car seat from the back seat, place it into the Car Seat Travel Bag and go.


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