Baby Tiara

This thing is darling!  It's itty bitty, to fit the head of an infant (perfect for newborn shots), but, the elastic band is not as taught as a rubber band would be.  No.  It's just perfect. 

Baby Tiara

I never thought that I would want to own such a thing until my niece was born.  She was a tiny seven (7) pounds, with a bit of hair.  Not a lot.  But, enough and she looked so much more adorable with an item like this around her precious, little head.

But then, tragedy struck.  I had the tiara in the car and it got tossed about in the bag that I had it in and the tiara part just fell off!  Granted, super glue is not the product that it should be.  But, fell off?


This dainty Baby Tiara lists for $7.99.  But, it sells for $3.69.  On Amazon.

Vital Link:  Amazon

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