5 Foot Flexible Polar Blue LED Rope

This is an incredibly sturdy product.  It's well packaged.  In fact, I was concerned that maybe the coiled light would be taped up on either side.  But, it was not.  Hence, I didn't have to worry about sticky residue.

5 Foot Flexible Polar Blue LED Rope
5 Foot Flexible Polar Blue LED Rope
The rope is somewhat heavy, which I attribute to its substantive construction.  It's easy to tend with too.  Simply lay it out, plug it in and enjoy.  That's it.

The end result?  It's beautiful.  A polar blue shadow is naturally cast in an upwards (if you lay the rope down, face up) direction, with ambient lighting in its path. 

One note.  I left the light on all night and by morning time, I noticed an odd, rubbery aroma.  But, this will probably dissipate as it ages.


  • (1) 5' Flexible Polar Blue LED Rope
  • (1) Extra Fuse
  • (3) Mounting Rails
  • (6) Screws

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