The Indiegogo Campaign of Solo Botswana Artist Anthonelle Urgirl

She's sexy.  She sings.  She's just the right mixture of culture and beauty that the U.S. needs.  But, we have to take her by the hand and pull her over here.  We do that by supporting her music. 

The Indiegogo Campaign of Solo Botswana Artist Anthonelle Urgirl

Don't believe me?  That's fine.  But, listen for yourself.  She's unique and will go anywhere that she can to perform.  Granted, she's only been performing for about nine months now.  Then again, what she lacks in experience she makes up for with all of the aforementioned qualities.

Her name is Anthonelle Urgirl and those two beauties dancing in the background are merely dancers.  She writes her own songs.  This can sometimes be a real show stopper for those who want to sing professionally, but are in need of music.  Urgirl doesn't have that issue. 

A little more about Anthonelle Urgirl?

She doesn't divulge her age.  No.  She is a lady.

She dreams of a world free of racism, war and discrimination, in general.  A world free from marginalization between the poor and the wealthy. 

Urgirl's debut song is, "Perfect Nature."  This is the video which we have uploaded for your listening and viewing pleasure.  Her second video is, "Bakae" or, enjoy and we do.  We're told that she has other songs as well.

Seriously.  Just listen.  And go with your heart.


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