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My Bubula is a company which has been around since 2008 and hails from New York. They create and sell the mother of all ergonomically designed diaper pails (They're tall so that you won't rupture or otherwise harm your back if you're humped over it for many hours out of the day with a sick little one).  Seriously. 

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The pail that we received is dark purple on the upper portion and a lighter purple on the bottom and it's as beautiful as it is functional and strong. 

The magic of the pail is its construction.  The upper portion consists of two critical areas.  The front door is the deposit area.  Simply place a diaper in this area when you are ready to dispose of it.

The area behind the deposit area is the button to press to allow the diaper in the first area to actually fall down inside of the pail.  This is what makes the pail stinkless (airtight and pet resistant)!  Pretty darn smart.

The Bubula is available from Amazon ($89.99), Babies "R" Us ($89.99), buybuy Baby, ($96.56) and Giggle ($90.00).  Giggle also sells the replacement bags, which are used in conjunction
with this pail.  Perhaps, the other outlets do too?  However, giggle lists them just below the pail.  Simple.

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