Mega Assortment of 40 Marbles

For the most part, we as a people are pretty much fascinated with marbles and so is your Ginae Says kitty, Sparkles.  Those who are into antiques seem to fancy the true glass marbles, while the rest of us just like them.  Even your gentle writer who has never played a traditional game of Marbles, is fascinated.  When they arrived, we explained to a friend who was here at the time that we didn't even know what we were going to do with them after the review.

Product Review: Mega Assortment of 40 Marbles

Then, the friend reminded us of a mutual friend of ours who likes to play Wahoo, but has lost some of the marbles.  We looked through the bag of 40 and were able to identify at least 2-3 different marble types, which would work perfectly for the game. 

Otherwise, we like to put them into glass flower vases before we give flowers to others.  Sometimes, we buy flowers just to cheer up our living space.  Marbles make for a colorful foundation.

None of them seem flawed.  They arrive with a flocked, velour bag with a double cord drawstring.  Fun!

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