Iphone 6 Earphones by Doopoo

The Iphone 6 Earphones are sweat proof, have a built-in microphone and volume controls.  They work with Ipods, Iphones and Ipads.  They are very lightweight and otherwise incredible.

Product Review: Iphone 6 Earphones by Doopoo These are amazing earphones!  On the norm, when you buy earphones and pay $10.00 for them, they stink beyond belief.  There's normally a steady stream of inescapable noise to entertain the perpetually insane.  These do not have that noise.


I tested them on my computer, rather than an Iphone and quality was pretty stinkin' good!  Upper and lower ranges are not muddy, unclear or worse, jumbly-muddy.  I am very much blown away.

I jacked with the volume, turning it way up and then way down.  I listed to older mp3 tracks and newer ones.  I also tried differing music genre's and it is seriously, all good.

The ear pieces are bent downward and I wondered if something had happened to them in the shipping process.  But, the fact that they are was actually helpful.  It seems to keep the pieces in place.

The Iphone 6 Earphones list for $19.99.  But, they sell for $9.99.  Available @ the link below.

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