Goldistock Tyvek Wristbands Rainbow 200 Count

These Goldistock Tyvek Wristbands are comprised of five different colors and there are 200 of them.  They are numbered sequentially on the head-end of the strips and fit the largest to the smallest wrist.  They're Tyvek, so they're tough.
Product Review: Goldistock Tyvek Wristbands Rainbow 200 Count
In fact, I asked my roommate to pull the clasped strip from my wrist and she wasn't able to do that without scissors.  She's also 20-something years my senior.  I was able to free myself from the band, but, it wasn't easy.

Last year, I used something similar to this for Trick-or-Treating kids at a church function and it worked perfectly.  These probably would too.  They would work well for any function which requires identification. 

They're pretty affordable for 200 bands too.  They are $7.25.  Availabe @ the link below.

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