Diddiboo Pacifier Clips: 3 Pack

I seriously wish that these would have been around when my niece was much younger as she was constantly losing her, "Binsky."  The did show up around the house, under the cat, the couch and various other venues. 
Product Review: Diddiboo Pacifier Clips: 3 Pack
But, to be able to pin a pacifier to your little ones is truly a great thing.  It's a simple thing too.  One ends connects to the, "Paci" and the other attaches to the infant, with a rounded metallic piece. 

The designs on the fabric are darling and there are no loose strings or flaws.  The plastic package in which the clips are enclosed is small.  The entire package is just practical. 

This 3 piece package of pacifier clips lists for $25.00.  But, it sells for $13.79 on Amazon.  The link is just below this one.

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