2-in-1 Salt and Pepper Mill Set

This is a tidy little outfit here.

Up for your consideration is a Kuisiware 2-in-1 Salt and Pepper Mill Set.  I've never purchased one of these, nor have I used one that often.  Most of the time, when I go to a restaurant which uses them, I know that I must look like a bewildered pup.  I turn my head one way.  I tap it on the table with a slight grunt.  "What this?" 
Product Review: 2-in-1 Salt and Pepper Mill Set
Inevitably, a dining companion will tend to the situation on my behalf.

Fortunately, this stainless steel contraption comes with instructions for the dining impaired.  Every piece comes together and separates with ease.  Filling it is no problem and it's somewhat heavy, but, not too heavy.  This is good, as bringing construction equipment (for serious lifting) into the family abode is surely frowned upon. 

But, I digress.

Aesthetically, the unit is very pleasing.  It will hold 1.2 ounces of salt and pepper and finally, it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and a replacement cap for the end pieces.  It is also covered by a lifetime warranty. 

The 2-in-1 Salt and Pepper Grinder Set lists for $35.99.  But, it sells for $11.79.  Available from the link below.



Karen Dawkins said...

We have 3 pepper mills and 2 salt mills (is that a word) in our house! We are pepper and salt aficionados ~ maybe we should open a restaurant. :)

Ginae Reviews said...

Well, ye-ah! I mean, it ALL begins with a firm salt-n-pepper mill acquisition ;)

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