Pet GiftBox: September, 2015

Pet GiftBox has been spreading pet happiness since 2014.  With Pet GiftBox, it's all about the details, the beloved animal and the owner.  Even the monthly theme is incredible and creatively well-done.  Every.  Single.  Month. 

Received for September's Box (Theme was Hair Club For Cats):

  • (1) Get Naked Furball Relief Treat (2.5 Oz)
  • (1) Grooming Solutions Hair Removal Mitt (Cats & Dogs)
  • (1) Multipet Flea Cat Toy
  • (1) Petstages Big Hair Kitty Catnip Toy
  • (1) Spot Snap-N-Clean Cat Brush

Pet GiftBox: September, 2015

We always enjoy getting a Pet GiftBox and this one is no exception.  We have two cats who are Snoe and Sparkles.  While Snoe is just fine, Sparkles does have hairball issues.  Now, we have a Grooming Solutions Hair Removal Mitt to remove some of the problem before it becomes one.  It works well too! 

Pet GiftBox prices begin at $27.99 for a one month supply.  The next bump up is $22.99 per month when you pay for 3-months in advance.  After that is $19.99 for a 6-month savings.  Lastly, cost goes down to $17.99 a month when you purchase a year of canine or feline joy.

To spice up your first purchase, you'll receive a sweet 25% discount off of your just by using the coupon, "Ginae."  Good times! 

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