Little Miss Overshare by Dan Zevin

Granted, we are blessed enough to have met Little Miss' family.  Hence, we know from whence she comes.  However, this does not make us like her any better.  It just doesn't.

She's friendly.  She enjoys sharing.  But, her product is normally the kind of thing that most of us hide as skeletons.  We keep them in our closets. 
Book Review: Little Miss Overshare by Dan Zevin
Little Miss Overshare is a parody and part of the Little Miss and Mr. ME ME ME humor collection.  It was written by Dan Zevin, who has received a Thurber prize for comedy.  This piece was written and formatted like a children's book, only it was clearly intended for an adult universe.  As someone who was educated for a profession in counseling/therapy, Little Miss angers us to a great degree.

It's a funny read though!

This, we do appreciate and we would much rather laugh our way through life's tunnels, than not.  In fact, Zevin could have taken her serial faux pas a step further for out taste.  Perhaps, Little Miss could keep colonoscopy images as wallet-sized key danglers?

Regardless, this was well done.

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