Glucosamine Gold Gel

The purpose of Glucosamine Gold Gel is to assist with arthritic issues.  It has an anti-inflammatory to stop or to slow the beginning of associated pain.  It also relieves joint and muscle pain (sometimes, it's hard to tell which malady is arthritic and which are not).  Active ingredients include Glucosamine, Indian Frankincense and Horse Chestnut.

Product Review for Glucosamine Gold Gel

We had high hopes for this product, considering our review for the Arnica Gold Gel, which we truly appreciate.  We were not disapointed.  The product does have a slight aroma, which dissipates quickly.  Otherwise, it goes on easily, doesn't have a weird texture and works quietly in the background, as you function throughout the day.

What does that mean Ginae Says?

When we state that it runs quietly in the background, what we mean is that some of these really great products make the skin tingle, have hot or cold sensations, etc.  These are fine.  We just mean that the Glucosamine Gold Gel doesn't have any of that business going on.  You put it on.  You live your life.

This incredible product lists for $19.95. 

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