Get Me Tipsy Coffee Glass Cup

This Get Me Tipsy Coffee Cup is comprised of glass and there are a few small scratches on the bottom.  They are small.  But, this is right out of the box.  The handle is big. 

Product Review: Get Me Tipsy Coffee Glass Cup

Etched on opposite sides of the glass are the following words;

Go Away
Not Yet
How Can I Help You?

It's funny.  It's also perfect for those people who will not speak, grunt or otherwise acknowledge your presence until they have consumed a certain amount of the java.  Last year, our gift to just such a person was a t-shirt which espoused the following;

No coffee?  No Talkee.

We liked the t-shirt.  But, we like the cup, as it offers a visual manifestation of thought processes.  Nice!

The Go Away Coffee Cup lists for $29.95.  But, it sells for $16.95.  Simply go to the link below this sentence.

Vital Link:  Amazon

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