DinaChef Premium Pizza Cutter

The DinaChef Premium Pizza Cutter is an attractive item to have in the kitchen.  It's silver with a short handle and a visible space between the cutting wheel and the hub.  Nice.

DinaChef Premium Pizza Cutter

DinaChef warns that children should be supervised while using and that this item should be washed and dried quickly between uses, lest oxidation hunt you down and turn your tool another color.  Furthermore, the item should not be scratched or stabbed, lest the finish be marred.  Argh mateys!  Don' be marrin' the finish!

The blade is sharp.  It cut through hot pizza without leaving any prisoners in the brig.  Just the cuttin's.

The DinaChef Premium Pizza Cutter lists for $16.99.  But, it sells for $6.89.  Simply visit the link below this sentence.

Vital Link:  Amazon

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