A Lighter You!

A Lighter You!  Train Your Brain to Slim Your Body: Hot to Stop Dieting and Enjoy Lasting Weight Loss Success

Author Holly Stokes, AKA The Brain Trainer, lives in Utah and is a Master NLP Practioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Health Coach, Trainer and a Nutrional Vitalogist.  Her agenda is one of empowering others and helping them to achieve lasting results.  A Lighter You! is her latest literary endeavor.

Book Review: A Lighter You!A Lighter You! is an excellent informational read.  Stokes actually tells you how to re-program your brain, employing mindfulness, NLP and Law of Attraction techniques.  We are not surprised to see a book like this in the self-help/psychological arena as there is a plethora of counseling techniques which are based on the power of positivity. 

The book does what is says it will do.  We do think that it could have been spiced up a bit with more example images.  Otherwise, A Lighter You! completely stands on its own. Granted, the author does have an accompanying CD set, which is recommended.  This is only to make your journey easier. 

Stokes does do her part to engage the reader.  She has charts to be completed.  She also has a free mailing list, so that she too can be somewhat engaged.  We like all the positivity.  However, some of the real-life examples are entirely too simple.

This is somewhat bothersome for us, as we are so overly, obnoxiously and mercilessly complicated that we know that we will never be able to work within the confines of simplicity.  Still, we do not dismiss Stokes' work and we do mean to demean it in any manner.  If some of your triggers, etc. are of a thinly-layered matter, then your work will be more efficient and that's great!

For us, we'll keep on looking for ways to enhance our living experience in other ways.  The book simply didn't resonate for us.  Here again, if you are even slightly interested in the book, we wholeheartedly recommend it.  What shines for some crumbles for others and that's okay.


A common strategy for dealing with emotions is to avoid them.

NLP Principle: Underneath all the behaviors that get in our way is an underlying desire for something positive.

Sometimes we blame others for how we feel.

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