Arnica Gold Gel

Arnica Gold Gel contains arnica, hyaluronic acid, collagen, vitamin c and rose hips.  This is a topical cream for bruises, burns and wounds, in general. 

Product Review: Arnica Gold Gel
Arnica Gold Gel 
I wasn't sure how I would test this product when I first considered a review.  Then, I was out in the grass with bare feet when my tender bare foot found an unkind grassy clump of unknown content.

What I do know is that there is a red, sore spot in the middle of my right foot.  Good times.  Right?  Well, no.  Not so much.

Normally, I would reach for the anti-bacterial ointment.  Then, I thought, "Duh!  Try Arnica Gold Gel."  And, I did.  Per instructions, you may safely use the gel up to six times a day.  Just don't apply to broken skin. 

After 3 applications (towards the end of the day), I retired for the evening and noticed that the spot had toughened up just a bit.  Now, it's been a couple of days now and I can almost completely put all of my weight on it, as it continues to harden.  I was never able to locate a sticker or splinter of any type.  But, I didn't have to thanks to Arnica Gold Gel.

I am sold!  Seriously, read my reviews.  I do not go nuts for most products.  I just don't.  But, this one, I truly appreciate.

Arnica Gold Gel can be yours for $19.95.

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