Viral Video Saturday: Jackson State University Marching Band - 2015 Honda Battle of the Bands - Heavyweight Edition

In the very beginning of the video, the drum majors are doing a bit in the center of the field. But, they aren't together. Granted, what they are doing is hard and the show has just begun. After that, the two sides on opposite ends are closing in. However, the right-hand group is going faster towards the back, even during the run bit.

During the letters formation, someone on the right-hand side is rather itchy. One shouldn't be moving during a still moment amongst all the brass and lights. Poor form.

Perhaps, someone cannot handle all of the people on this field. There is some sloppy stuff there.

Still, the passion is alive on the field! That's normally contagious.

Sighing...even one of the front-line drill team members are off. This cannot be covered up with extra-super-duper-energy.

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