TomBox for August, 2015

In a previous review of TomBox, your gentle writer singed the butt hairs of this company.  We tried to be gentle because we like them as a company.  However, we missed the mark.  We stated the possibility of an identification crisis.  But, we were wrong.  It's not that TomBox doesn't know who they are.  It's that they are down-playing what they do for sensitive consumer's and we are grateful for that.

TomBox rescues those who are headed down the unofficial Embarrassed Aisle at their favorite retail outlet.  No dropping any of those items in front of box boys and no running it past a cashier.  Just pay online (discrete) and receive what you need. 

Duh!  "We are so unthinking sometimes." She says, then, walks away and kicks a rock. 

Product Review: TomBox Received:

  • (1) Always Ultra Thin (16 Regular)
  • (1) Escada Marine Groove Sample
  • (1) Coupon Good for a 30% Discount on La Fresh
  • (1) .5 Oz Bottle of Catalina (Blue) Cult Fingernail Polish
  • (1) .11 Oz Container of Be a Bombshell Diamond Lip Gloss
  • (1) Leather Hair Band
  • (1) Sample Size of Daily Serum
  • (1) 6.5" Blush Brush
  • (1) 8 Wipes Package of La Fresh Travel-Lite
  • (1) .21 Oz Blush Package
  • (1) Silver Starfish Earrings

Oh, the prices.  Prices begin @ $10.00.  Otherwise, they are $24.00 for a one-time box.  They are $16.00 per month with variances for added items.  For instance, double the makeup and jewelry is an extra $6.00.  An added 4 pack of Venus razor blades is $12.00. 

Thank you TomBox.  We are occasionally dumb.  It's rare.  Thank goodness.

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