Sprout Pencil - Plant Your Pencil

Sprout Pencil is a remarkably easy concept.  A weird one, albeit one with good intentions.  Use the Sprout Pencil until it becomes too short to use.  Then, plant that pencil (eraser-end into the dirt), water it, allow it get sunshine and wait for your plant to, "...shoot up toward the sun and the sky."*

Product Review: Sprout Pencil - Plant Your PencilSprout is looking to use what would have otherwise been a waste item and headed for the garbage and turn it into a life-sustaining object.  What we didn't know until we began our research is that the company has different plants/pencil colors.  We would have loved to have tried 3-4 different ones.

"Sprout is a pencil that wants to be a plant." Sprout Pencil on Twitter

The very first phase is the breakdown of the eraser.  This is where the seeds must be.  It didn't take long for that to happen either.  However, after having waited for a month, the pencil never sprout leaves.  We are not giving up though!

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*Quote is from Green Acres, Eddie Albert as Oliver Wendell Douglas, Episode 25, "Oliver's Jaded Past."


Unknown said...

What a different and interesting concept!

Ginae Reviews said...

I thought so too! Thank you for your comment!

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