SeneGence is a company founded by Joni Rae Rogers-Kante, who set out with some lofty goals for her company.  She wanted a company which would provide a financially limitless opportunity for others and she did that.  She wanted for her products to be unique and they are.  It's all in the ingredients.  She also wanted to thwart environmental waste and destruction wherever possible. 

Product Review: SeneGenceRogers-Kante cares about others too.  She created a non-profit sister company which assists women and children who need it.  The Make Sense Foundation is assisted with funds from SeneGence and through other means.


  • 25.00 Berry LipSense
  • 20.00 Clear LipSense Gloss
  • 20.00 Rose LipSense Gloss
  • 10.00 Ooops! Lip Color Remover

Berry LipSense

The LipSense is just wonderful.  We applied a fresh coat @ 7:00 a.m. today and it's now 6:30 and we are still going strong.  Even after eating and drinking throughout the day, the color is still present.  This is what lipstick companies used to do.  We like it.

Rose LipSense Gloss

The rose gloss gives only a minimal color.  However, it's still a nice glossy sheen.  It smells divine.

Clear LipSense Gloss

The clear gloss isn't thin like most glosses.  It's also not gloppy.  It has no aroma.

Ooops! Lip Color Remover

The Lip Color Remover didn't fare as well as the others.  It simply doesn't work.  We tried  to remove the LipSense lipstick and it only lightened the color.  This was a few minutes after application too.  This product was a surprising disappointment.

About SeneGence International:

SeneGence’s full line of long-lasting cosmetics and anti-aging skin care is sold through a network of Independent Distributors

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