RAVPower (RP-PB27) Portable Car Jump Starter External Battery Pack

The RAVpower (RP-PB27) Portable Car Jump Starter External Battery Pack is a tidy little package, which could one day keep you off of a bad street on some dark, tree shadowed night.  It's attractive and fits nicely in the accompanying carrying case.

This outfit will start your car with a 12,000 mAh battery charger (external), can do 20 jumps before it requires a fresh charge, has 2 iSmart ports, so that it may charge your smartphone, table or GPS and is lightweight.

RAVpower (RP-PB27) Portable Car Jump Starter External Battery PackInstructions for use are pretty basic.  Connect the jumper cables to the battery.   Insert the other end of the cables into the power bank.  Crawl in behind the wheel.  Start your vehicle.  Once engine is alive again, disconnect the jumper cables from the battery and then, the power bank.

The RAVpower (RP-PB27) lists for $259.99 on Amazon.  However, it sells for $69.99.  You may purchase from the link below.

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We'd be remiss if we didn't remind our gentle readers that this series of giveaways is still going on.  In fact, it's not over until the 15th, which is this Saturday.  You can read the initial post for the contest here.

About RAVPower:

RAVPower stands for Reliable · Affordable · Value. We specialize in replacement Laptop Batteries and AC adapters, external battery power banks, replacement cell phone batteries, and various battery chargers. Our organization started in 2011 and within that short period of time we have sold millions of products all over the world. Our success has become what it is because of our loyal customers. We strive to offer world class customer service each and every day. Our goal is to provide 100% customer satisfaction by offering reliable and affordable products, backed up by value-added services.

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