Ottilie & Lulu: Naturals for Tweens

Ottilie & Lulu is a company which offers skin care products for young ladies who are not yet women, but, are no longer children.  Our youth require gentle products, which are dermatologist and allergy tested.  They need products which are not tested on animals, such as these.

We considered trying these products out for ourselves, as we like the essences, ingredients and container designs.  However, O & L have set tweens as their target market.  Hence, we gave the products to a beautiful, 12-year-old girl to try.  We'll call her, "Marigold," for the sake of anonymity.

Product Review: Ottilie & Lulu: Naturals for TweensReceived

  • (1) Silky Feel (Bag):
  • (1) Well-Designed Gift Bag
  • (1) Soothing Vanilla Lip Balm
  • (1) Body Glow Lotion (8 Oz)
  • (1) Morning Pure Facial Moisturizer (3 Oz)

Soothing Vanilla Lip Balm

The Lip Balm looks like half of the sun.  It's round on the top, yellow and has a flat bottom.  The balm has a peanut butter and honey essence.  It's not weak or thin like other lip balms.  This was Marigold's favorite.  She just loved it.

Body Glow Lotion

This has a slightly medical aroma.  However, it's not bad.  It soaks right in to thirsty skin too.  The lotion does seem to have a slight glow to it.  It looks natural, though.  She really liked it.

Morning Pure Facial Moisturizer

This has a tenderly beautiful essence.  It seriously gives us joy.  Surely, there is an aromatherapeutic quality to it.  Marigold didn't have much to say about this.  She's never used another moisturizer.  So, she doesn't know that some of them have odd textures, smells and uncomfortable work ethics. 

Overall, we like the products, the web site, company representative's and the target market.  It's oddly satisfying to go shopping online for skin products that are designed just for this group of people.

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