New York City Skyline Sunset by Rising Waters Photography

I've always been curious about the photographic images on canvas concept and this has allowed me to discover the fact that I really like it.  There's a slight mind melt when you think about the fact that real photographs are comprised of circles of confusion.  Digital images are comprised of pixels.  Canvas is comprised of canvas. 

Product Review: New York City Skyline Sunset by Rising Waters PhotographyIt's akin to pointillism, whereupon a painting looks very different up close and then from afar.  This isn't a huge factor.  But, it does make photos on canvas an interesting concept.  I like it.  It's different from what I have become accustomed to.

This canvas image itself would be much more attractive with a blue, black, gray or even a red background.  That's just my own thinking.  Otherwise, I like it.

This canvas image lists for $50.00.  However, it sales for $29.98.  The link to purchase is just below this sentence.

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