Motion Sensor Night Light

It's a strange looking thing.  There is a flat-faced globe in the middle of a holding arm.  The globe moves freely from side to side (360 degrees).  The unit is silver in color and is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon. 

Product Review: Motion Sensor Night Light I can see why it's a best seller.  The bottom portion of the arm has a hole, whereupon it can be hung up on a nail.  Otherwise, there are no dangling cat-attracted cables or plug-ins.  Simply load up the necessary batteries and mount the unit where you would like to have a motion sensor. 

Finally, the lamp comes with a 100% money back guarantee and while I cannot imagine anyone needing it, it's there nonetheless.  You may use this for any reason and receive another Motion Sensor Night Light or your money back.  Nice.

The Motion Sensor Night Light lists for $16.95.  However, it sells for $11.95.  The link is below.

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