Kmashi Wireless Keypad

The Kmashi Wireless Keypad is a nano USB wireless receiver, with 18 numeric keys, 2.4GHz FSK technology, 34 two-way R F channels, a 6-10 meter working range and a one-year warranty.  It's very lightweight and has a delightfully pleasant soft touch.  If you're using a keypad all day every day, then, this product is for you.

    Product Review: Kmashi Wireless Keypad
  • (1) Kmashi Wireless Numeric Keypad
  • (1) USB Nano Receiver
  • (1) AAA Battery
  • (1) User Manual

We've never seen such a product.  Ever.  But, it makes complete sense.  It saves space, is easy to use and will save you some wear and tear on your keyboard.  It's just practicality at an affordable price.


The Kmashi Wireless Keypad lists for $49.99.  However, it sells for $16.99.  The link to buy is just below this line.

About Kmashi:

WNT-LUXTECH CO., LTD. is a joint venture company with LUXTECH., LTD.  KMAX INVESTMENT, LLC's, primary priority is online selling by B2C e-commerce platforms.  “Kmashi” is the main brand of WNT-LUXTECH CO.,LTD.  Brand Concept is in the field of intelligent technology, committed to the research, development and promotion of intelligent products.  Main products include power banks, Bluetooth devices and intelligent home products.  Kmashi entered into B2C platforms in May of 2015 and offers a “30 Days (to) Change (your) Mind” guarantee, via free returns or exchange to improve the shopping experience.

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