Kmashi Arma K1 Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker

The Kmashi Arma K1 Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker is a nice, tight little package.  It's equipped with a flashlight/SOS light on one end. This is because the Arma K1 is marketed as a bicycle light.  The Arma also comes with a real sturdy mount. We don't ride.  Hence, we have no interest in the bicycle part.  That's okay though. 

On the other end of the unit is contained with a somewhat thick flap for protection.  Under the flap is a USB output, TF card slot, an On/Off switch and a DC output.  The DC cable is short.

The Arma is somewhat heavy, but, not overly so.  This is due to its substance.  It also has a nice triangular shaped body and has a hole for an included carabiner.
Product Review: Kmashi Arma K1 Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker
The speaker is also a charger.  However, you don't want to charge at the same time that you're listening to the speaker, as this tends to muddle the audio quality.  This mostly effects the higher and lower octaves.  It's not a big issue, really.  Just use it as a charger when you're not listening to music.

The Kmashi Arma K1 Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker lists for $69.99.  However, it sells for $36.99.  The link to buy is just below this line.

About Kmashi:

WNT-LUXTECH CO., LTD. is a joint venture company with LUXTECH., LTD.  KMAX INVESTMENT, LLC's, primary priority is online selling by B2C e-commerce platforms.  “Kmashi” is the main brand of WNT-LUXTECH CO.,LTD.  Brand Concept is in the field of intelligent technology, committed to the research, development and promotion of intelligent products.  Main products include power banks, Bluetooth devices and intelligent home products.  Kmashi entered into B2C platforms in May of 2015 and offers a “30 Days (to) Change (your) Mind” guarantee, via free returns or exchange to improve the shopping experience.

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