Emmi's Essentials Glass Spray Bottle Review + Giveaway

Emmi's Essentials Glass Spray Bottle comes with a .PDF entitled, "DIY Green Cleaning," which is a series of recipes to make various cleaners for (windows, kitchens, sink stains, ovens, floors, bathrooms, tubs, mirrors, makeup brushes, combs, hair brushes, shower doors, carpet fresheners, scented candle warmer bars, smelly shoe eliminator, "Ultimate Bug Spray," linens and ants).  It's a nice edition to be sent out with this product.

Emmi's Essentials Glass Spray Bottle Review + Giveaway This is the sturdiest water bottle ever.  It's made of glass and has a strong plastic head on it.  It will hold 16 ounces and comes with a transfer dropper and a nice decorative label. 

Ask anyone who's puttering around the house.  The uses for a tough water bottle are many.  Furthermore, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, contact the company and they will resolve the matter.

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