Back to School 2015 From SinfulColors

This is a fun collection of shades.  Back to school has so many connotations.  Kids are wearing new clothes, they're anticipating schedules, new instructors, classmates, etc.  SinfulColors has captured all of that with this new color set.  We received 10 bottles.  Hence, we've enlisted others to use as hand models. 
Back to School 2015 From SinfulColors

(1) BlackBoard ($1.99)
(1) Blue Sensation ($1.99)
(1) Energetic Red ($1.99)
(1) Glass Pink ($1.99)
(1) Ice Dream ($1.99)
(1) Late Night Haute ($1.99)
(1) Sinful Sunrise ($1.99)
(1) Whiteboard ($1.99)
(1) Why Not ($1.99)

BlackBoard is a semi-glossy black.  It's really pretty.  We asked a young model to paint one hand black and the other with Whiteboard and we both liked it.

Blue Sensation is patterned from an over the classroom view.  It's a lustrous, silvery sky blue. Energetic Red is your classic fire engine.

Glass Pink is a really pretty feint hue.  Our model used 2 coats just to ensure that our camera would pick it up.  It's perfect for the younger crowd.

Ice Dream is a cerulean glitter with a translucent silver foundation.

Late Night Haute is a sparkles hue of green and blue.  Festive.

Sinful Sunrise is a delightful mix of sparkles.  It's a little darker than Glass Pink. However, for those who are not yet accustomed to painting their own nails, the sparkles hues are perfect.  It's just easier to remove the mistakes and paint right over them.

Whiteboard is a unique white.  Contrasts well with the Blackboard color.

Why Not provides a cloudless sky.

SinfulColors is available at Rite Aid, Walgreens and other mass retailers for August and September of this year.  They retail for $1.99 and are ready for class.  And fun!

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