Wearever Provides Incontinence Solutions

This is our second Wearever incontinence product and again, we turned to our beloved friend for review purposes. 
Product Review: Wearever Provides Incontinence Solutions

One of the problems with incontinence is that you wear out your underthings if you aren't otherwise prepared for the incontinence.  You can then bleach those underthings, but, they're never the same.  The best solution is to be prepared all day, every day.  Albeit the most practical solution, this can be depressing, not to mention somewhat costly. 

One of the best solutions for this problem is Wearever and while they do not seem to have many styles or sizes to choose from, we are guessing that these will grow as the need for them grows.  We are also guessing that everyone who needs help in this department does not yet know about Wearever.  This is truly sad.


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