V-Thunder Pickup Electric RC Truck Big

This review has issues.

When I received the truck, it arrived in a messy-looking, taped box.  This was the work of a second party and not its point of origin.  I removed the truck and its parts and they all had a very light layer of dust on them, excepting the grill, which was a thicker layer of dust. 

V-Thunder Pickup Electric RC Truck Big I charged up the battery and tried for an hour to get the truck to do anything.  I pressed the music button and got nothing.  I pressed the demo button and got nothing.  At several junctures during all of this, I ensured that both the remote control and the truck itself were turned on. 

My only moments of enjoyment came when Sparkles (my cat) would turn all of her attention to the truck.  I have no idea what was so fascinating for her.  But, it was really cute.  Hence, I am including a photo of the truck with Sparkles.

Finally, I did contact the company about this.  Initially, my inquiry covered the state of the truck upon receiving it.  Then, I contacted them about the fact that this $50.00 toy doesn't work.  I received no response from that.

Product Review: V-Thunder Pickup Electric RC Truck Big

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