Ultimate Smile Professional Teeth Whitening

The Ultimate Smile Professional Teeth Whitening arrives in a simple aqua blue and white box.  The directions are inside of the box, as well as 2 injection tubes, 2 mouth pieces and a plastic container, for which the mouth pieces do not easily fit into.  But, you are able to cram them into the container and I did.

The directions are somewhat awry.  The first step instructs one to, "Place thermal tray in hot water (approximately 200 degrees) and get your teeth impressioned0..."  I figured out how to do this.  It's just oddly worded.

Ultimate Smile Professional Teeth Whitening I did two sets of applications and with each time, my teeth did become whiter.  Unfortunately, there were two spots which ached during and after the application.  I do not blame the product for this.  But, I'd be remiss not to think that there is some connection therein.

Ultimate Smile lists for $168.88 on Amazon.  However, it sells for $24.99.  You may get it from the link just below this sentence.

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