Shine Infusion by CHI

CHI is a company known for its hair tools and hair care products.  CHI is a well-trusted brand name, particularly in Hollywood.  Television shows which uses the brand are American Idol, Big Bang Theory and others.

Product Review: Shine Infusion by CHIWhen we received the Shine Infusion product, our 12-year-old niece happened to have been here and she flipped out, saying that CHI was one of the best names around.  On the norm, we trust it when beautiful girls, even young ones are familiar with a brand name.  They usually know those things.

We sprayed our brunette tresses with the Shine Infusion and just loved it.  It gave us shine, softness and it smells delicious.  Our niece made such a fuss, that we gave the product to her after we tested it.  However, we wish that we had not done that. 

It is with some modicum of sadness that we suspect that CHI is now one of our favorite brands.


  • (1) 5.3 Oz Can of Shine Infusion

This product is attractively designed.  The can is red, tall and slender, with black and gray letters and a gray cap.  It smells incredible and sprays strong. 

CHI Shine Infusion sells for an average of $13.00 per can and is for sale at many online outlets.  Simply Google it.  Buy accordingly.

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