RFID Blocking Sleeves

In the event that you are not yet aware, it is best to have RFID blocking sleeves/covers/etc.  If you were to Google, "RFID," you would understand, if you don't already.  It's critical.

This is our second RFID review.  The first company sent over 10 covers and two passport covers as well.  However, we received two of the aforementioned sleeves.  Two. 

Product Review: RFID Blocking SleevesWe received the blue floral motif sleeve and the purple floral motif sleeve. 
The blue one has an opening slot at the end.  The purple has one on top, rather
than the side.

The sleeves are lined and comprised of a sturdy papyrus material.  However, you receive 6 for the $14.95.  That seems a bit high.  But, they are pretty.

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