Pet GiftBox: July, 2015

The concept for Pet GiftBox began when a group of friends were one day talking about how much they loved their pets.  They discussed other germane topics.  They decided that one of their frustrations is the fact that quality pet toys are difficult to find, which is so true! 

Pet GiftBox then assembled a team of pet people. 
Sparkles Loves Her Pet GiftBox!

Today, Pet GiftBox is growing and has become an excellent place to secure quality pet items.  These are tested first on their very own BFF's (Best Furry Friends).  We were so happy with our package.

Received for July's Box:
  • (1) Cloud 9 Eggsplosive Treats
  • (1) Knob Goblin
  • (1) Knock Out Treat Dispenser
  • (1) Play Cave Tunnel
  • (1) Swat N' Bobble Octopus
We have two kitties, they are Snoe and Sparkles.  Snoe is older and doesn't much care for the concept of toys.  However, he did spend a bit of time checking out the booty!  Sparkles, however, is all about the package and is still sitting on top of the box, lying in it, sniffing and batting around the toys. 
Product Review: Pet GiftBox
Good times!

Pet GiftBox doesn't skimp on the details either.  Before sending the box, they asked the name of our gentle kitty and we told them, "Sparkles."  Hence, her name is on the package as a recipient.  Thoughtful.

Pet GiftBox prices begin at $27.99 for one month.  Next, is $22.99 per month when you buy 3-months in advance.  After that is $19.99 for a 6-month savings.  Lastly, cost goes down to $17.99 a month when you buy a year of cat and dog joy.

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