Paw Shaped Litter Mat by TwoMeows

Who/what is TwoMeows? 

We are very passionate meow lovers and like introducing premium quality products that cats (and their owners) love.

Product Review: Paw Shaped Litter Mat by TwoMeowsUp for your perusal is one big, 100% satisfaction guaranteed, available in many colored cat litter mat.  When your gentle writer opened up the package in front of a couple of friends, they both gasped.  Then, they wanted it.  No.  You may not have it.  Sorry. No.

The mat is solid and attractive, especially considering its job.  Its job is to lie under your cat box and reduce litter scatter around the box.  It is also designed to reduce those litter remnants, which always seem to end up scattered around your living quarters, as though it was just one big cat box. 

It is not.

TwoMeows emphasizes the following aspects of the mat and since we agree, here are those aspects;

    Product Review: Paw Shaped Litter Mat by TwoMeows
  • Easily cleaned - Just fold over and shake litter bits back into the box
  • Easily rinsed
  • Soft on a cat’s paws - Some mats look similar but are not soft
  • The materials which comprise the mat are of a premium quality for a longer product life
  • Has a non-slip grip on the back so it doesn't wander
  • Fun
  • Doesn’t trap odors like a cloth mat would

We like it.  We like the concept and we like the company.  They are totally cat people and they care about quality product for cats.  Available for $19.97 on Amazon.  It's guaranteed.

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