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Nature's Gift is a woman-owned enterprise, the roots of which where born in the 80's.  Marge Clark began experimenting with herbs, though we are not clear about what that means.  What we know is that during her hobby moments, family and friends became interested in her endeavors and urged her to begin charging for her concoctions.  She was fascinated with the aroma-therapeutic qualities. 

2015 marks a two-decade online anniversary.  A lot has transpired during that time.  Congratulations Nature's Gift!


  • (1) Fresh Aire 5ml MSRP $10.00
  • (1) Spruce, Black 15ml MSRP $14.40 (Marked Down From $16.00)
  • (4) Summer Samples

Fresh Aire  

Product Review: Natures GiftFresh Aire is an up surging, energetic, marvelous breath.  Well, if air.  It is.  We've never encountered anything like it.  Its job as far as Nature's Gift is concerned is to eat smoke, as it will clear smoke and to lift you up and it does just that.  It's the most incredible essential oil that we've ever encountered.

Spruce, Black  

We figured that we would like this, as we enjoy the smell of a conifer on the norm and we do.  It's unique though.  We experienced it to be very freeing.  But, Nature's Gift will tell you that it's good for, "...pains, aching joints, poor circulation, muscle spasms."  It makes sense.

These are available @ the website listed below.  They are listed with the Better Business Bureau in Madison, Tennessee, with an A+ rating.  So, feel free now to be emailing Ginae Says and be all, "What you gonna with them oils?  Hmmm?  You gonna use em?  What do YOU need them for?" 

Get your own. 

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