Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Sighing...this mini Bluetooth speaker arrived in somewhat of a mess. The box which held the speaker appears in sad shape. It's obviously had heavier items sitting on top of it for some time. The speaker and the cable were really dusty, as though it's been sitting in someone's desk drawer for the past few months.

Product Review: Mini Bluetooth Speaker As it turns out, trying to set up this thing is the worst part of all. Every time I turned it on, it automatically went to an AM Tejano station. This is fine. But, I don't want to listen to any music type all the time.

The weird thing about this is that I had my computer on and there was a video playing on it. This speaker didn't pick up that video. It simply reached out into the ether and grabbed this AM station.

I tried several times to pair this item. Never did right. Very frustrating.

The Mini Bluetooth speaker lists for $29.97. However, it sells for $12.97 on Amazon. That's the link below this sentence.

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