Coverplug: The Paintable Outlet Cover

The cover plug is an excellent way to childproof your home.  Simply remove the unused electrical outlet, the ones that your children can reach and plug in the cover plug.  The cover plug is a simple, same size plug, which replaces your electrical outlets.  No screws required.

Product Review: Coverplug: The Paintable Outlet Cover Simply unscrew your current outlets, put away the plates, as you may wish to have them again, once your children are older, and push this plate into place.  We wondered how this plate would stay in place, so, we asked an area handyman.

What he said was that the plugs would hold into place.  But, you may easily just pull them out of the wall when you're ready.  He also stated that he'd like to have the two that we received for review purposes and since we do not have any children in the home, we were happy to oblige him.

There is a slight dimple on one of the two cover plugs which we have received.  However, once it's been painted, it will still look better than an electrical outlet and will protect your little ones too!  Furthermore, you may purchase your cover plugs from any of the vendors listed on this page.

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