Carapex is the company with the graceful sea turtle logo.  They are a Canadian company offering skin and hair care products for women and men.  The products are comprised of wild crafted herbs and essential oils from the world over.  They are also cruelty free (never tested on innocent animals).  Furthermore, packing materials are employed on a minimal basis and are recyclable. 


  • (1) Botanical Facial Cleanser $24.99
  • (1) Foot Super Moisturizing Butter Cream $24.99
  • (1) Premium Hydrating Body Lotion $22.99

All Carapex products are of a pleasantly attractive design.  Lettering against the blue hue is striking.  Also, instructions are easy to read.

Botanical Facial Cleanser 

We try many facial cleansers and we like most of them.  This one is no exception.  It removes eye and facial makeup.  Sometimes, it's necessary to have separate cleansers.  Not so with this brand.  It's not harsh and left our skin feeling soft and clean.  It's good for all skip types too.

Product Review: CarapexFoot Super Moisturizing Butter Cream

Wow.  The foot cream looks like whipped cream and has a very feint aroma, with no discernible particulars.  It seems to be of high viscosity and is absorbed quickly into the skin.  It is somewhat invigorating!

Premium Hydrating Body Lotion 

Agggghhhhh...this lotion soaks right into the skin and leaves it with a fresh, clean smell with no oily effects.  It's soothing too.

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