BTipsy Lemon Squeezer

This is a heavy duty lemon squeezer.  If there were a product that were not joking, it would be this one.  When it arrived, I wondered if there were also an old typewriter, some rocks or even some granite that might have wiggled their way into the package.  But, no.  None had. 

Product Review: BTipsy Lemon SqueezerI thought that the squeezer might be difficult to use for older folks with arthritis.  Hence, I enlisted the assistance of a 70's-something friend to squeeze the lemon in the image and she had no difficulties at all.  That's pretty sweet!

The BTipsy Lemon Squeezer lists for $39.99 on Amazon.  However, it sells for $12.79.  You may purchase the squeezer, sans the typewriter, rocks and granite from the link just below this sentence.

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