Boozy Bites Sweets

Boozy Bites Sweets aint just some online candy joint, hailing from Tennessee, the only state that we can never correctly spell.  Really, we weren't sure what they were until we received our samples.  We know now...

Boozy Bites provides their alcohol infused candy, cookie and other sugary snack delights for big events.  They also offer a monthly subscription box service for $35.00 per month with free shipping.  For that, you get a package of Grown Up Gummies, a sample pack of boozy balls and a boozy surprise.


(2) Jack' Daniels Cookie Balls
(6) Grown Up Gummies;
(2) Fire & Ice
(2) Smiley Colada
(2) Tequila Lime

Product Review: Boozy Bites SweetsThe Cookie Balls were amazing.  All of the products seem incredibly boozy.  However, Boozy Bites has achieved an incredible balance.  We don't know what that would be.  Perhaps, a sugar to alcohol ratio? 

Please, do not misunderstand your gentle writer.  She does not go about looking for one with Boozy Balls.  If a stranger accosted us and asked if we wished to sample his Boozy Balls, we'd probably hork a little bit, act completely indignant and walk away. 

These Boozy Balls are different.  If we dropped one and it fell into a large vat of pig grease with a giant hair stuck to it, we would probably go after it and pretend that we had dropped our heart medicine.  Then, we'd give the stink eye to anyone who would verbalize their discomfort. 

Those Grown Up Gummies are no joke either.  Chase them with a beer and be hooked up.  That's it.  Boozy Bites Sweets will hook you up.

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