Bombas Socks

Bombas is Latin for bumblebee.  Bees work towards the same goal.  They work to have an optimal hive. 

Product Review: Bombas SocksThe socks are designed for athletic endeavors.  They are also the epitome of comfort.  Even though the pair that we received for this review do not fit well, they are comfortable.  It's incredible, in fact, just how comfortable they are.

The socks are cute, well-designed, have a y-stiched heel and a no-blisters tab on the back.  This is because we have requested ankle-socks.  These are yellow and gray and have the crowned bee logo on the tops.  However, we requested a woman's 8-10 and these are a little tight (they are a medium).  This is sad as the material is very comfortable!  Seriously comfortable.  We shall have to give them to someone of a smaller foot.

This particular pair retails for $9.00 and may be purchased online at the website listed below.  The cool thing about Bombas is that they donate 1 pair, for every pair sold.  The donations go to homeless veteran organizations.

Bombas does have a happiness guarantee.  If you are not happy, for any and all reasons, they will do what it takes to make it right.  Hence, an ill-fitting pair won't be an issue if you're buying them.

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