André Lorent Face Créme

Most facial creams require you to rub them in and the moisturized feeling dissipates by the time morning comes.  This is not so with André Lorent Face Créme.  You pat the  créme into the face and this leaves the skin feeling moisturized, even upon waking. 

André Lorent Face Créme is light on the face too.  It's invigorating.  A lot of this can be explained via a closer look at the ingredients;

Argireline: An anti-aging component with a composition akin to that of Botox

Product Review: André Lorent Face CrémeHyaluronic Acid: Plumps up the skin and moisturizes

Matrixyl: Is a peptide which stimulates skin cell growth and repair

Vitamin C: Relaxes wrinkles, treats age spots and promotes anti-aging

Vitamin E: Assists in anti-aging and promote cellular regrowth

Our only complaint is that the company didn't send over a case of this for review.  'Course, that really wouldn't make sense, would it?  No.

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