Headframe Spirits Hooks up with Montana Film Office and Moves to Cali

As of June 19th of this year, Headframe Spirits announced a partnership with the Montana Film Office.  Headframe's short, entitled, "Orphan Girl," was promoted at a Hollywood lounge, Bar 53.  Headframe also took this opportunity to announce a movie to California. 

The new location can be found on the Sunset Strip, next to the likes of Pearl's and Rock & Reilly's.  Headframe Spirits are currently undergoing talks with many-a vendor and distributors in key markets.  If you are interested in distributing in California or offering Headframe Spirits in your establishment, please, contact Headframe Spirits accordingly ( marketing@headframespirits.com ).

Headframe Spirits Hooks up with Montana Film Office and Moves to Cali“Film offers the perfect marriage of promotion for both our local businesses and the state of Montana,” said Deny Staggs, film commissioner for the Montana Film Office. “By working together, we are furthering the reach of local brands and establishing Montana as a premier filming destination.”

About Headframe Spirits

Montana’s Entrepreneurs of the Year, and owners of Headframe Spirits, John and Courtney McKee, are active participants of economic development in Butte, and hold great responsibility in giving back to their community. Four years ago they started their business and named it Headframe Spirits in honor of Butte's historical past.  They now operate two distilleries in Butte, Montana with plans to break ground on the third in 2015, making Headframe the largest distillery west of the Mississippi and providing hundreds of job opportunities to the Butte community.  For more information, please visit HeadframeSpirits.

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