Craft Beer Menu Monday: Bear Republic Brewing Co

Bear Republic Brewing Company is a family-owned and team-oriented California craft beer company which began with the simple act of brewing beer at home.  This was the enzymatic act which began it all.  The people wanted excellence.  They wanted quality.  They wanted to drink a good beer. 

Craft Beer Menu Monday: Bear Republic Brewing Company Bear Republic Brewing Company delivers on all accounts.


  • (2) 22 Ounce Bottles of Limited Edition Café Racer 15

Café Racer 15 is a double IPA which pairs well with spicy and savory foods, sheep's milk, Parmesan and aged Cheddar Cheese, poultry and pork.  Café Racer 15 was created with Citra, Amarillo, Cascade and Chinook hops and has a dry finish.  It also has a slightly nutty essence.  It's a lovely golden.  Don't take that for granted, though.

Café Racer 15 will take your lunch money, shove you into the mud and steal your garbage.  It's just that aggressive.  Go find yours, before it comes to find you!

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